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Reliability of a component is essentially determined by its encapsulation. We integrate components into packages of most diverse type. Package form and kind of package depends on the size of the DIE, the required number of pins and the power dissipation.

To adapt our technologies and processes demand-actuated to our customers wishes is one of our special strengths. This enables a customer-specific product development with maximum flexibility.

In amalgamation with HTV-group of companies all further possibilites in terms of test, analytics and qualification for wafers and housed components are, moreover, at Your disposal.

Overview of our services and individual work steps (please click)

Prozesse bei MAF Wafer lamination Abrasive cutting Stretched wafer Waffle-pack with chips Chip bonding Wire bonding Shear- and pull test Wire bonding Pull test Standard packages Molding Marking with laser Dambar cutting Tin plating Tempering Trim and Form Lesdframe with epoxy Singulated packages Chip on board Premold package Marking Encapsulation Premold package Packing Shipment Wafer test Electrical test Analysis Long-term conservation Packing in tube

Electrical test

Test Your wafers or electronic components at HTV GmbH.

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