MAF offers sawing and waffle-pack for Your wafers

Wafer: Abrasive Cutting & Waffle-Pack

Wafer lamination

stretched wafer stretched wafer

In the first step the delivered wafers are glued onto an elastic adhesive layer with which a secure processing of the wafers is possible during the subsequent process steps. Based on customer's request we redeliver the stretched, sawed wafers directly to the customer for further processing,

Wafer - Abrasive Cutting (Dicing)

sawed wafer sawed wafer
In the second process step, the wafer is sawed with high-precision. Chips are subsequently separated from one another and can be further processed. Wafer maps can also be processed by us.

Chip magazining - Waffle-Pack

waffle-pack with chips
The separated chips are picked up from the foil by a handling system and inserted into a waffle-pack. In this regard, please also consider our delivery times.

Other Services

  • Backgrinding of wafers is performed by our partners.
  • On request chips can be packed in provided gel-packs.