transparentes Gehäuse Farbsensor

Different special packages are also on offer

Special packages

Several chips in one package (SIP - system in package)

several chips in a package (SIP) several chips in one package (SIP)
Due to the flexible design of the leadframe it is possible to integrate several chips and passive components in one package.

Transparent packages

transparent package transparent package

For optical applications (e. g. color sensors, LED chips and photo transistors) we manufacture packages with transparent plastics. These packages are optimized for different wavelengths. 

LED chips in transparent package
LED chips in transparent package

Dummies (empty packages)

empty package for contact test X-ray image: dummy package

For the early examination of electrical and mechanical functionality of contact pins at your test system we would be glad to assist you with the production of dummy packages. For the simple contact examination any desired pins can, according to customer specifications, be electrically connected to the dummy.